Convert your bathroom into a luxurious spa

Everyone likes the idea of relaxing in a spa after a hectic week of work. Though this is a great idea, not everyone can afford it either due to financial reasons or other responsibilities. Spas have the most luxurious interiors to create a soothing experience but it is not possible to find time to visit a spa each week. With proper planning and accessories, one can convert their existing bathroom at home into a luxurious spa. Here are a few simple tips to design and build your own spa at home with minimal capital.

The colour of the bathroom

The idea is to recreate the ambiance of a spa in your bathroom and we would like to start with the colour. Spas prefer to have a different colour for each wall to attract a different set of clients. This is not required in your home as you already know your taste. To create a pleasant experience we recommend sticking to lighter colors like light blue, cream, grey, etc. Opt for a colour which is pleasing to your eyes.


One of the key things you will notice in a spa is the cleanliness. It is critical to keep your bathroom nice and tidy to have a pleasant experience. No one likes to walk into a dirty bathroom. Make sure all the white colour accessories in the bathroom like sin, toilet, tub are always cleaned and kept as white as possible. Creating this visual impact is important to achieve a spa-like an experience.

Clear the clutter

Both visual appearance and user experience are key to create a spa at home. It is a common habit for people to keep too many things in the bathroom which they may rarely use or never use at all. Over time the clutter builds up resulting in a bad experience. Take out all the items that are least important or never used from your bathroom. Remove the items which you rarely use and store it in a hidden place. Make sure there is enough free space in the bathroom and is clutter-free.

Light dimmers

Light dimmers thought inexpensive, offers a rich experience to people. Dimmers in the bathroom are associated with 5-star hotels and luxurious spas. Installing a light dimmer in your bathroom will give a luxurious look and also adds functionality. Dimmers are not only cheap but also easy to install. Most of the luxurious spas and resorts will have dim light as it induces relaxation. Bright light keeps people active and is not recommended for relaxation.

Audio system

One thing which makes spas stand out from the normal bathroom is the background music. We would recommend that you install an audio system in your bathroom which plays soothing background music while bathing. There is no need to opt for expensive audio systems, instead, a set of Bluetooth speakers will do the trick. Another affordable option is to install Bluetooth shower-heads to play music.


Even a bit of foul smell will spoil the atmosphere. It is important to keep your bathroom scented as a spa does. Air fresheners will do the trick but a long lasting and organic approach is to use scented essential oils or scented candles.